Business Incubation Center (Export–Import)

For an Entrepreneur after having studying Export Import Management program concepts would be clear. Thirst for starting off Business in Exports also would be intense. However fears of lack of resources, further guidance, first time attempt and all such would hamper the first step into formalizing Export Business.

The real life fears and hitches are all around to pull you down. 

To establish the right kind of confidence and communication, the students would need some support, some hand holding.
At iiiEM we provide the real-life situation where in we incubate your enthusiasm, your dreams to an extent that you give shape to a definite export business. 

Our Business Incubation Center will provide you the right office environment to facilitate your business.  We help you select a right product, assist you to identify the Country to export the product and also guide you to identify suppliers from the local market. Sometimes all is done up but one is short of finances, in such a situation we help assist the finance part to keep your interest vetted and business going. Our Business Incubation Center gives you a right environment to have focused and conscious efforts for Export Business.

Our endeavor is to nurture the entrepreneurship and export bent of mind well lighted within you. 

Our mission is to bring the Golden Bird Days back in India. 

Make India richer; bring up the GDP of India.

  • To create Exporters to bring Golden Bird days back to India
  • To provide proper guidance and mentoring to nurture your desire for business in Export
  • To create passion and enthusiasm for Business in Exports